Rowe/AMI CD-100 Jukebox

This site is dedicated to the documentation and supplemental information to restore a CD-100 Jukebox.. I acquired the game via craigslist working 100%

This sort of shows the color changing LED's at work, to get this effect I simply purchased some of the cheap LED color changing kit things on amazon for like $20

I then carefully put it around the CD animation display so its not really visible from the front, then just cut the stuff up and stuck it all over inside the door it makes a real nice effect and really updates the look of the unit to the CD100E units and CD100F units type displays.I disconnected the top florecent light and pluged the LED into its place so it powers on with the unit. Additionally I left the lower florecent in place to give nice operating light.

Another thing I did was add a CD-100 wallbox so I could remote control and use the jukebox in another room. Got the wallbox off ebay and just wired it up, To control the volume I changed my amplifier to a two zone mono amp and just fed a separate signal to the wall box.. this way I can control sound in either room.

Word TitleSheet

Service Manual 1/2
Service Manual 2/2

ROM Images
CD-100 CCC Version 4.3
CD-100 CCC Version 4.1
CD Wallett ROM v1.4